AVIAREPS establishes new in-house digital studio specializing in web services

25 September 2020

New studio team now available to provide clients with wide range of digital services and solutions

AVIAREPS has founded an in-house digital studio to help clients navigate this increasingly complex digital landscape. The new AVIAREPS Digital Studio specializes in web services including GDPR-compliant web architecture, UX design, e-commerce development, SEO strategy, content management and more.

In addition, the team offers Software as a Solution (SaaS) for a variety of customer service, project management and human resources needs.

As the digital world continues to evolve, clients in the aviation and travel industries are facing more challenges when it comes to effectively utilizing the ever-changing platforms. Recognizing these challenges as a unique opportunity, the new AVIAREPS Digital Studio aims to help clients navigate this increasingly complex landscape without the need to involve third party agencies.

Edgar Lacker, CEO, AVIAREPS:

“In recent years, we’ve been working to prepare our clients – and ourselves – for a more digital future. With the launch of our new Digital Studio, we are now able to meet our clients’ digital needs in-house with our team of talented web experts and efficient project managers. And by eliminating the need for managing third-party agencies, we can pass that time and cost savings on to our clients.”

Led by Peter Wolf, Digital Studio Coordinator, the team is made up of several digital experts that are trained to provide the best possible service and support. The team’s core expertise is DRUPAL Content Management System (CMS), which is one of the most used systems globally and their modular team structure can handle web projects for nearly every purpose. In addition to content management and web development, the team is also specialized in search engine optimization (SEO), which helps clients generate new leads and sell their products online. These synergies allow the team to integrate the perfect SEO strategy right from the beginning of any web development project.

Peter Wolf, Digital Studio Coordinator:

"Our philosophy is to build scalable and flexible foundations for our clients’ websites and applications so that they can easily be adapted as the business changes – without starting from scratch. For us it is important to offer solutions that perform at the highest level, while staying cost effective for our clients."

To learn more about our new Digital Studio and their web services offerings, you can request more information directly from the team. Request your first meeting