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We think that we work in the best industry there is – travel and tourism! We offer a truly multicultural workplace, guaranteed professionalism, and the chance to travel the world. Join AVIAREPS and you will be challenged, pushed outside of your comfort zone, and given responsibility from day one. Your work will always be varied, and you’ll discover a great sense of teamspirit amongst your international colleagues. AVIAREPS is your platform to grow.

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  • Working at AVIAREPS, I always get the chance to grow and step into different stages of my personal career with full support. I get the space and possibility to create new ideas and approaches to help developing the company’s and client’s successes. Working with different clients and offices cross-border I love that we can always share different ideas and best practices with the local team and global network.
    Imke Arnemann
    Head of Sales, AVIAREPS Germany
    Having grown up in airplanes it would make sense that I would continue the passion and work for an airline but wait... why work for one airline when you can work for many. Working for AVIAREPS since 2019 have given me the opportunity to work with so many amazing airlines from all over the world and help strengthen and grow their brands and business in our local markets. An added bonus is leading a team of experienced and professional colleagues who make the day to day work a real pleasure.
    - Lynnette Hartsink
    Head of Sales, AVIAREPS Netherlands
  • "During my tenure at AVIAREPS, where I have the privilege to engage internationally and travel extensively, I try to cultivate and fortify essential values such as solidarity with diverse nations and peoples and profound respect for the richness of global cultures. My time with AVIAREPS has nurtured an entrepreneurial mindset within me, cultivating the use of the necessary resources for it, and an ability to navigate contemporary trends while honoring traditional values. It's within this environment that I feel most authentically myself. Ultimately, the essence of professional fulfillment lies in working joyfully and purposefully, and I've found both in my journey with AVIAREPS."
    Gustavo Vacca
    General Manager AVIAREPS Ecuador
    Working as a PR Manager at AVIAREPS has been immensely rewarding. Being able to advise our clients and provide them with the full value that a Public Relations consultant should offer is fulfilling. Serving as the eyes of the destinations we represent in their respective markets is truly gratifying. It's a pleasure to do what you love and to work with lovely people—journalists and media—who enrich the work we do at AVIAREPS.
    Maria Jose Morr Grateron
    PR & Communications Manager, AVIAREPS Spain
  • "My AVIAREPS employment allows me to work in a highly internationally environment. Aligned with a great experienced and highly skilled team, we experienced an abundance of highlights, along my personal favourites trips to the most beautiful destinations worldwide like French-Polynesia or the Seychelles. I have been working in AVIAREPS Frankfurt office since mid-2018. My job across with the different positions I had, allowed me to fulfil my passion for civil aviation. Ever since, the company encouraged me to present ideas and approaches as well as to implement those to service our airline clients in the best possible way. " ". "
    Luca Ulbrich
    Sales Manager, AVIAREPS Germany
    "I have been working with AVIAREPS since 2017 and during the past years I had the opportunity to grow to the position Head of Reservations & Services. My job gives me the opportunity to combine my career with my passion; aviation industry and exploring the world. Working at AVIREPS is working in an environment where I can freely share my ideas, concerns as well as suggestions and it allows me to interact with people from all kind of backgrounds in different countries. "
    Linda Stakenburg
    Head of Reservations & Services, AVIAREPS Netherlands
  • I started at AVIAREPS as an intern in early 2022 and have been here ever since. During my time here, I've been able to complete my Aviation Management studies while gaining valuable experience in aviation. Working here means I get to engage with my passion for aviation every day, facing new and interesting challenges related to airlines. AVIAREPS has been a great place for me to grow professionally, offering many opportunities in the aviation field. It's been rewarding to apply what I've learned in school to real-world situations.
    Alex Popa
    Assistant to COO Aviation, AVIAREPS Headquarter
    I have been working at AVIAREPS since 2017 and, since then, I have experienced different work journeys, meeting new people from all around the world, flying to different countries and meeting clients with diverse cultures - all these experiences made me grow professionally but also personally. AVIAREPS also gives you the chance to show your creativity and develop memorable projects, making you feel constantly out of your comfort zone.
    Luise Saches
    PR Director, AVIAREPS Brazil
  • "Since joining AVIAREPS in 2012, I've navigated through diverse roles to our Munich HQ, engaging with inspirational clients from New York City to Kenya and currently spearheading new office openings and M&As. AVIAREPS stands out for its blend of professional rigor with a humane, open-minded approach to work—a dynamic environment where being stationary is an alien concept. We’re always moving, always growing, and this constant motion within a global landscape deeply resonates with me, echoing my own multicultural upbringing and making it truly feel like home."
    Yulia Maltseva
    Director Strategic Growth & Corporate Development, AVIAREPS Headquarter