Digital, authentic and on-demand: tourism according to AVIAREPS

19 November 2019

An Interview with Edgar Lacker, CEO, AVIAREPS by Fortune Italia

This interview was originally published by Fortune Italia in their November 2019 issue (in Italian).

If there is someone who can offer a complete vision of the world of tourism, it’s AVIAREPS, the company that works with all the industry’s actors, taking care of their communication.

More than twenty-five years of experience, revenue of 133 million Euros per year, a total sales volume of 1.35 billion Euros, and a portfolio of 250 customers, including airlines, tourism boards, hotels and tour operators. If there is anyone who can offer a complete vision of the tourism field, it’s someone who works with all the parties involved, taking care of communication. This is the case of AVIAREPS, the world’s leading tourism company, founded in Germany in 1994: thanks to its diversification over the years, AVIAREPS has witnessed and channeled relevant changes in the market. We spoke to AVIAREPS CEO, Edgar Lacker, about the ongoing transformations (and how to anticipate future ones).

What are your current numbers? How have they grown over time?

In our first year, we were looking at roughly €200,000 in earnings and have been fortunate enough to have grown ever since. If you compare that number to today’s group-wide EBT of €14.1 million, you can see that growth and our trajectory. I am extremely proud of our people throughout our global network, who have joined us to make these strides possible.

What value have the expansions made over the years had, what reflection they had on the budget? What are the most profitable branches?

For the past 25 years, we have been both growing geographically and professionally through diversification. Though we started in the aviation industry, we soon discovered that our business could be applied to a variety of sectors. Tourism, for example, now makes up about 45% of our business, but we’ve also diversified into hospitality, food & beverage, and more. Expanding geographically has allowed us to offer our services around the world and our traditional markets in Europe like Germany, Benelux and Italy continue to grow and produce reliable results.


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