Croatian National Tourist Board chooses AVIAREPS for pan-European public relations

04 February 2021

AVIAREPS to coordinate media relations strategy in ten key international markets

The Croatian National Tourist Board (CNTB) has selected AVIAREPS as their pan-European public relations agency for key international markets in 2021. While the tourism industry moves toward recovery, the teams of communications specialists at AVIAREPS will help position Croatia as a safe and responsible travel destination through coordinated media and public relations activities. The CNTB’s 2021 European marketing strategy enlists the support of AVIAREPS offices in Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Thomas Drechsler, COO AVIAREPS Tourism:

“Understandably, this past year has drastically shifted travelers’ priorities when it comes to choosing a destination. While beautiful landscapes and exciting attractions remain important, safety has become one of the most deciding factors for travelers. The CNTB has been working tirelessly with local health authorities to make Croatia one of the safest destinations possible, and we are honored to bring this message to responsible travelers across Europe.”

Kristjan Stanicic, Director of the Croatian National Tourist Board:

“The selection of a high-quality PR agency across key European markets is crucial for the effective, high-impact and real-time promotion of Croatia. We have a very challenging year ahead of us in which the implementation of high-quality and targeted promotional activities will be crucial in achieving good tourism results. We expect a strong contribution from AVIAREPS and effective use of PR that will position our country across European markets as a safe, high-quality and well-prepared tourist destination that guarantees visitors a diverse offer and safe stay."

Croatia has been a popular destination for Europeans for years, but the growing significance of new health regulations and safety precautions makes it even more critical to deliver the most accurate and up-to-date information. By utilizing AVIAREPS’ network of European offices in a coordinated approach, the teams will ensure potential visitors across the continent know not only about Croatia’s stunning beaches, natural wonders and beautiful cities, but also of all of the safety measures in place to keep them safe.

About The Croatian National Tourist Board

The Croatian National Tourist Board (CNTB) is a national tourist organization founded with the aim of creating and promoting the identity and reputation of Croatian tourism domestically and internationally. CNTB activities include both planning and implementing the promotional strategy, as well as proposing and implementing promotional activities that are of common interest to all entities in tourism, and raising the level of quality of the entire Croatian tourist offer.

The most significant tasks of the CNTB include the organization, implementation and supervision of all activities related to the branding and promotion of the tourist product of the Republic of Croatia, unification of the overall Croatian tourist offer, implementation of operational market research for the promotion of Croatian tourism, evaluation of the implemented promotional activities and others. For more information about the CNTB, visit:


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The AVIAREPS service portfolio includes extensive expertise in representation and sales, marketing and communications, business development, IT solutions and financial services. In addition to their well-established General Sales Agent (GSA) services and tourism marketing representation, AVIAREPS provides more than 250 clients with support in digital marketing, advertising, public relations, crisis communications, social media management, event coordination, sales, web design and more.

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Photo of Director Kristjan Stanicic - Courtesy of CNTB; photographer: Marko Todorov – Cropix; Photo of Dubrovnik by Julien Duval; Photo of Mreznica by Aleksandar Gospic; Cycling photo of Slavonski Brod by Aleksandar Gospic