AVIAREPS launches Virtual Event Generator and Software Solution for Online Configurators

22 July 2021

AVIAREPS’ new Virtual Event Generator provides tailored offers for virtual events in less than one minute. The software solution simplifies the integration of online configurators.

AVIAREPS, the world’s leading sales, marketing & communications agency for travel and lifestyle brands, has today launched its Virtual Event Generator as well as a software solution that simplifies the integration of online configurators into websites.

The importance of virtual events has constantly been growing during the last months. The current global situation is putting a lot of pressure on businesses that rely on networking with stakeholders at events and trade shows. Rather than canceling or postponing important events, many businesses choose a virtual option instead. AVIAREPS’ own Virtual Event Platform offers the possibility to host virtual 2D or 3D events with a variety of options, such as: Exhibition halls, presentations and panels, workshops, 1:1 meetings, and live chats.

In order to speed up and simplify the process of requesting an offer for a virtual event AVIAREPS has now launched its Virtual Event Generator. The web-based tool allows customers and business partners to receive a tailored offer for a virtual event within less than one minute. After selecting event-relevant options on the website each customer receives an individual presentation that outlines in detail the features for the requested virtual event, a price plan, and contact details for the next steps. The web-based service is available on products.aviareps.com and is completely free of charge.

The Virtual Event Generator is also the perfect option for businesses who want to get a first impression of the possibilities of virtual events and want to find out what their individual virtual event could look like.

In addition to the Virtual Event Generator AVIAREPS launched a software solution that simplifies the integration of virtual configurators into websites. The application can easily be integrated into an existing website and is suitable for any service provider. The modules and question catalogues can be customized and adapted to the brand.

Edgar Lacker, CEO of AVIAREPS:

“Our software solution offers a variety of options for clients from every business field. Tourism Boards can for example use the application to provide tailored tour guides for their respective country or city. After just a few clicks their customers receive individual sightseeing recommendations tailored to their interests and needs. Other businesses such as wine or food producers can use the application to provide their customers with individually recommended products that perfectly match their preferences. The flexibility of the software application makes it suitable for every business and every service provider. We are proud to expand our software portfolio, which already consists of CRM and communication solutions, and to launch a digital service that simplifies online configurations and brings the customer closer to the service provider.”

For more information, contact Julia Reinert, Manager Corporate Communications at AVIAREPS.


AVIAREPS is the world’s leading international representation, marketing and communications company for aviation, tourism, hospitality, and food and beverage brands. Founded in Germany in 1994 with the ambition to help clients to step into global markets, the company’s global network now expands around the world to six continents.

The AVIAREPS service portfolio includes extensive expertise in representation and sales, marketing and communications, business development, IT solutions and financial services. In addition to their well-established General Sales Agent (GSA) services and tourism marketing representation, AVIAREPS provides more than 250 clients with support in digital marketing, advertising, public relations, crisis communications, social media management, event coordination, sales, web design and more.

For more information on how AVIAREPS influences where and how travelers choose to spend their time and money, please visit www.aviareps.com.

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