AVIAREPS launches SwayFluence to simplify influencer marketing

01 March 2021

New matchmaking platform connects reputable brands and influencers around the world

AVIAREPS, the world’s leading sales, marketing and communications agency for travel and lifestyle brands is launching a new matchmaking platform for influencer marketing, SwayFluence. The new platform takes the guesswork out of influencer marketing by making quality connections between brands and influencers for more authentic and impactful campaigns.

More and more brands are recognizing the impact influencer campaigns can have on their business. Yet while most companies have a dedicated budget for influencer marketing, many don’t have the in-house resources or expertise to manage complex influencer campaigns and finding influencers remains the most significant challenge for brands. SwayFluence makes finding the right influencer as easy as filling out a form. When a brand has an idea for an influencer campaign, they can quickly and easily submit it on the SwayFluence website. The dedicated team of experts then utilize their global database of influencers to find the perfect match – or matches – for that campaign, no matter where in the world they are located.

Influencers also benefit from joining the growing SwayFluence network. Fraudulent requests and messages are unfortunately commonplace on social media, but influencers that join the SwayFluence network can be sure that they will only receive high-quality collaboration offers, without having to sign a contract with a management agency. Whether a micro influencer still growing their following or an established social media celebrity, members of the SwayFluence network have access to unique opportunities to collaborate with reputable, international companies and create interesting content to engage their audience.

Edgar Lacker, CEO, AVIAREPS:

Successful influencer campaigns center on quality and authenticity, which is why it is critical that the values, interests and priorities of both the influencer and the brand align. Finding and researching potential partners, however, can be a very time-consuming task. After managing influencer campaigns for brands around the world, we recognized the need to simplify the process with SwayFluence.

SwayFluence offers a full range of flexible influencer marketing services. For more experienced brands with a dedicated influencer marketing team, SwayFluence matchmaking may be the perfect choice. For those who need a little more support, the SwayFluence team can also provide strategic counsel or manage the campaign from start to finish. By working with SwayFluence, brands are guaranteed matches with vetted, quality professionals that can effectively embody their campaign and influencers are guaranteed more opportunities with exciting brands.

About SwayFluence

SwayFluence is a matchmaking platform that takes the guesswork out of influencer marketing. Utilizing its growing international network of bloggers, micro influencers, journalists and thought leaders, SwayFluence connects local influencers and exciting brands, so that they can tell their stories together - no matter where in the world they are. By working with SwayFluence, brands are guaranteed matches with vetted, quality professionals that can effectively embody their campaign and influencers are guaranteed more opportunities with exciting brands, no matter how big their following.

Find out more about SwayFluence and its full range of flexible influencer marketing services, from matchmaking to strategic counsel and campaign management: https://www.swayfluence.com

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