• Condor Flugdienst GmbH has been flying its guests to holiday destinations in the world since 1956. Every year, around 9.4 million passengers fly with Condor from eight German airports to around 90 destinations in Europe, Africa and America
  • in 2006 we started our cooperation in 7 countries whereas nowadays AVIAREPS is responsible for Condor in 26 countries 
  • Condor recognized that FIT sales and contributions from international markets were to play a crucial role in the future of their business, and in September 2006 six new countries were added to our contract
  • The target for our teams was to increase the awareness of Condor in all our markets, to establish relationships with tour operators, TMCs, and group departments and to build communications with the whole travel trade


  • We started our work across seven online “City Flights” markets (Italy, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary) and two offline markets (Austria, Switzerland)
  • With dedicated sales and marketing, and a stringent market segmentation in line with a tailor-made product portfolio we were able to supply the various market participants with the products they needed
  • In close communication between our sales teams and the Condor headquarters we were able to substantially increase the awareness of Condor in all our international markets through individual sales calls, seminars, agent trainings, marketing campaigns, road shows, online training, call center and group handling support and various other measurements.


  • Today, AVIAREPS is a strategic partner for Condor in 24 countries worldwide, coping with the COVID-19 crisis together by developing new sales opportunities and focusing on digital marketing strategies
  • Before the pandemic – AVIAREPS generated a 278% increase in sales since the contract began
  • In all our years of cooperation, we were able to increase our results with double-digit growth rates (except for during Corona)

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