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Reestablishing Airline Presence in Australia following a COVID-19 Hiatus: AVIAREPS appointed as comprehensive representative for PR, Trade, Media, and Sales Activities for Air Mauritius as it relaunched its PER MRU route.


  • Traditional Welcome at Perth Airport: A warm and traditional welcome was organized upon Air Mauritius' inaugural flight arrival at Perth Airport. This included vibrant Sega dancers, banners displaying a festive atmosphere, and a designated area for passengers to experience the rich culture of Mauritius upon departure
  • Press conference and speeches: Both the COO of Air Mauritius and the CEO of Perth Airport delivered speeches to mark the significance of the airline's return to Australian shores. This highlighted the strong partnership between the airline and the airport
  • Media Coverage: The event was covered by both trade and mainstream media, ensuring that the return of Air Mauritius received significant attention and exposure. This media coverage included interviews with key representatives and highlights of the welcome ceremony
  • Advertising and Digital Marketing: Content was created and distributed on a variety of channels to increase visibility and awareness, including billboards at airport and social media advertising
  • Evening Cocktail Event: To celebrate the relaunch of Air Mauritius in Australia, an exclusive evening cocktail event was hosted. The event brought together trade partners, key stakeholders, and other VIP guests. It provided a networking opportunity and further strengthened relationships with trade partners
  • Pre-Event Press Release: A press release was distributed before the event, announcing the return of Air Mauritius to Australia and detailing the activities and celebrations planned for the inaugural flight. This helped generate anticipation and interest among the media and potential travelers
  • Exclusive Trade Fare Rate: To incentivize travel agents and trade partners, an exclusive trade fare rate was offered for travel to Mauritius. This special rate encouraged trade partners to promote Air Mauritius' services and drive bookings
  • Created Promotional Fare Campaigns: Developed unique promotional fare campaigns to attract customers to book with Air Mauritius
  • Produced Newsletter Updates: Generated informative and engaging newsletter updates for passengers and trade partners
  • Radio Advertising: Planned and executed radio advertising campaigns to promote the airline's special fares and services to a broader audience
  • Media & Trade Announcements: Prepared and distributed announcements to various media outlets (such as newspapers, magazines, online publications) to inform the public and about Air Mauritius' updates and offerings. Disseminated announcements specifically to trade partners, to encourage them to promote Air Mauritius and its special fares
  • Content Creation: Created engaging and informative content for the radio advertising spots, media releases, and trade announcements
  • Advertising Placement: Secured airtime on radio stations and published the media announcements in relevant publications
  • Media & Influencers Fam Trip: Coordinated and hosted a group of influent journalists and content creators in Mauritius
  • Industry Engagement: Sales calls and co-op promotions with trade partners


  • Increased Brand Awareness through media coverage that reached an estimated total of 27.8 million Australians
  • Shift in passenger demographic from predominantly serving the VFR market to catering to more leisure travelers. The passenger demographic now stands at 80% leisure travelers and 20% VFR
  • Achieved 538 bookings in low season period through the early bird fare campaign, demonstrating the campaign's effectiveness
  • Successfully increased loads by 8.2% within 2 weeks, showing the impact of the promotional efforts on passenger bookings
  • Increase in flight frequency from 2 days a week to 3 days a week
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Reestablishing Air Mauritius Presence in Perth
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Air Mauritius A330neo

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